we drove through another person’s living room

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Last night, we drove through our alley after dropping my brother-in-law Michael off at home. We cooked at our place, and my other brother-in-law Jason rode his bike over. So we agreed to drop Michael off at his place.

On the way back, I noticed this guy sleeping on a couch that someone had tossed out.

I mentioned recently, that I don’t photograph homeless people. I don’t believe this guy is homeless. I think he was stumbling around drunk and popped a squat on this comfy couch and fell asleep.

I could be wrong. It was a nice night, and if you were tired of walking, I could see it as a possibility.

Or not. He’s homeless and I’m a hypocrite.





My new favorite pie


Over the weekend, Tina and I threw a last-minute pizza party. We made last-minute invites and scrounged up about 7 or 8 people to stop by and try some pies.

One of my new favorites is a steak taco pizza, where I’ve taken a recipe for amazing steak tacos with a spicy cilantro pesto and made it into a pie. I don’t make the steak tacos exactly like the recipe suggests. I sauté the onions — instead of pickling them — and serve it with sour cream.

The pizza needs a cheese, so I pickup a bag of Mexican cheese and toss some on top. Saturday, I grilled the pizza and threw a couple eggs on top. Because you don’t grill nearly as long as you cook in the oven, I had to start the eggs in a pan and finish them on the grill.

I’m excited about this pizza and pat myself on the back for creating it.

But it’s not — by far — my favorite pizza in my arsenal right now.

The best one is below, and I happened on it by a bit of an accident. We’ve recently been working with a high-end, kitchen appliance company. They have a showroom with full-functional kitchens. At their events, they feature top area chefs who cook meals for guests.

One dish that we loved was a sort of salad/side dish of sautéd veggies, including corn, red & green peppers, potatoes, red onions and queso blanco cheese. I have no idea what method the chef used to cook the veggies entirely, so on Friday night, I made what I considered a decent way of making the dish.

I grilled six ears of corn on our grill for about 25 or 30 minutes, and I put potatoes on the second level of the grill to roast while the corn grilled. I pulled everything off to cool. I shucked the corn, chopped the taters and started sautéing the onions and red peppers and started adding potatoes and corn. I added about 3 tablespoons of butter and then added the queso last.

When I was making pizzas the next day, I decided to try a small pizza using the leftovers from the night before with a bit of queso on top. I grilled the pizza, and it ended up being a slamdunk homerun touchdown hit.

I wish you were there to enjoy this pizza. I think you would have LOVED it.