The future is now, now, now.

The discussion in photography is one that troubles my mind and consumes my thoughts.

I believe still photography is fast becoming obsolete. And within the next five years, the number of photos on social media will move toward just as many videos.

The images of your friends newborn will be momma and child blinking and the mom waving the immobile arm of her baby. The mom’s voice will be clearly heard, “Hey mom and dad. Meet your new grandson Bobby McFarren.”

Video images will be so detailed that if you want a still, you pull it from five minutes of footage.

Kottke recently wrote about it on his blog here.

And there’s an article on this at fstoppers here.

While video still has some distance and improvement on the economy of its technology, the lines are quickly blurring.


Go check them out.

My beloved brings all the boys to the yard


The second day we were in France, Tina and I did a little self-timed photo shoot in the apartment we rented while we waited for Luis V and Becky F to show.

We posted this image to Facebook and Instagram yesterday, and it did well with likes and comments.

One comment was, “Wondering what Jeremy is thinking at the time the shutter went off.”

I was thinking about looking “natural” while trying to make sure light was hitting my face. Tina blocked it in a few other shots, which is easy to do.

There are actually a few shadows on our faces that I had to airbrush out.

But you’d be surprised how much work actors have to do to make sure they aren’t blocking their co-actor’s faces. Often when two people face each other, the two people aren’t directly in front of each other. They are staggered.

It was more obvious in older movies, but I suggest integrating looking for the ways actors do this in the next movie you watch. It’s a fun game.




What Stan at TYWKIWDBI is posting

I gotta do a multiple link post from Stan at TYWKIWDBI. He’s got some great reading and looking right now. I could reblog everything from him sometimes.

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