bitching and moaning never felt so good

I used to run amok on this blog with lots of ranting and berating activity. I’ve slowed down to a standstill with it, and it’s caused the traffic to suffer.

It’s amazing how attractive it is to be negative.

It’s likely part of my personality to be melodramatically critical, as I’ve taken a few stands on Facebook against some low-end inanity.

I have to put together a separate post, but here’s one that blows my mind.

Apparently being energetic about one’s faith means that you can say whatever you want without negative response:


Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 8.28.11 AM

Grammar issues aside, I’m not sure how talking like this is considered a badge of honor. It’s more like, “Come on my guilt field trip so that I might make myself feel better. By the way, you’re an ugly sinner and I’m better than you, because I’ve been cleansed.”

I’ll have to post more later. I have a job to run to and I need to clean my sensitive camera sensors before I leave.




One thought on “bitching and moaning never felt so good

  1. You missed a perfect opportunity to Godwin the guy.

    “I’m just following orders”, said the officer during Kristallnacht, “take it up with the boss.”


    I think you are slipping.

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