I’m not shooting Lollapalooza this year … but …

I shot Lollapalooza last year for Time Out Chicago, and I was really (REALLY) looking forward to shooting it again this year.

I sat down with them. Talked about being on the team.

But then Lollapalooza’s dumbass management — Fresh and Clean Media — decided that they were cutting back on fulfilling press pass applications. Last year, there were probably six or seven photographers representing the online magazine, and they had a team onsite who were uploading images throughout the day.

This year, there are only three.

And by three, it’s the photo editor and two shooters. I don’t think they can have a team on site.

The news kicked me in the balls. I felt very rejected.

But I have to say I can’t exactly blame Fresh and Clean. There were way too many photographers in the pits last year. And there were dudes shooting bands with GoPros, point and shoots and camera phones.

By weeding them out, they weeded me out.

Maybe if I were management at Time Out Chicago, I wouldn’t pick me either. But the experience is great, and I’ll miss it.

But I’m setting my sights on bigger and better. For example, today I’m going to help Bill shoot a portrait session with And You Will Know Us by the Trail of our Dead, a band out of Austin.

That’s really their name. They formed before twitter, so you know they’re hating that name now.


Friday morning, we’re shooting corporate head shots. Saturday, I’m helping a commercial photographer named Douglas Sonders shoot a portrait session with a metal band called, Bring Me The Horizon. 

And on Sunday, Tina and I will do another corporate photo shoot for one of our biggest clients.

We have some exciting things coming up, so stay in touch.

Or something.

Parisian street photography


Above is one of those street photos at the hip. The ones where you shutter and pray for something.

I don’t do it that often anymore, but I liked the way this turned out, in all of its evil, not-goodness.

I’ll put a few more shots below the fold. As I wrote on my other blog, my goal is to get subjects to look directly at my lens. That way my audience later feels a better connection with them.

It makes for a better story. A better experience.  Continue reading “Parisian street photography”

It’s Catordog!


Today’s Catordog is brought to you buy French dogs who have French accents and poop French poops.

These pups were in a store that was closing, and their little faces were all asking us to take us home.

In French of course. And their Rs were very guttural and raw.