Perspective: life, death, humility, and reality.

Author of “Letting Go of God” and former SNL star Julia Sweeney talks about life and death in the above clip.

Pondering the idea of life and death is a large factor that drove me to let go of god. The way I see it is that for all of time, my conscious was sleeping only to be awoken in 1975. But from 1975 to eternity, my conscious will remain awake.

Hypothetically, should I choose the right concept of belief, largely based on the environment of my upbringing, I will spend eternity in a good or bad place.

If I was born 4,000 ago, this applies. If I’m born in 4,000 years, again, it applies. It’s not an airtight argument for or against any idea. But it’s definitely one of take a look at.

The other great idea Sweeney brings up in the clip is that of prayer. Doing and thinking of doing are two completely different concepts.

And if you think you’re a blip on a large timeline, the difference between thinking of helping and helping become significantly different concepts.

Thanks, Sunny, for the link.


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