I’m limiting the hours

It appears that Le Café Witteveen has reached a need to limit its hours. At least for now.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to spend less time on this blog and more time on business. Which I have.

The blog has dropped in traffic by half.

I also determined not to be so focused on negative. Some days, I can’t help it.

This blog has caused a rift between my family and me. For a while, it seemed to unite us. As my views were finally heard instead of getting trampled. But the welcome has been worn, and I can’t seem to sustain nor muster the strength to continue defying their perspective.

Ultimately, the failure is on me. I never wanted the idea of them to edit my views.

But it does. And I don’t have the strength to keep pushing.

There might be an anonymous endeavor that starts elsewhere. And if you’re interested, email me here and I’ll let you know what’s up.

I may continue some minor updates here. I’m not sure. I’m not sure how many of you actually read this blog with any frequency.


4 thoughts on “I’m limiting the hours

  1. People read with more of a frequency than you realise. I think the same sometimes, no comments until you post something that they disagree with then all the lurkers emerge.

  2. I for one don’t think you should ever stop being who you are and expressing what you feel. Visiting Le Cafe Witteveen is a person’s choice no matter who they happen to be.

    Editing is not necessary.

    For those who feel the subject matter is too hot…it may be time to ask for the check and find the door. I personally love the controversial nature of this blog.

    Do I agree with everything you write? No.

    Does it make me think deeper when I don’t agree? Yes.

    Long live Le Cafe Witteveen.

    1. This one’s tougher than usual.

      I started editing pretty hard back when I learned that my family were “secretly” reading the blog.

      It’s become worse. And shit hit the fan the other day.

      Le Café probably won’t go away just yet. But my efforts might be concentrated to pursuing another endeavor. It kills me, because I groomed this flipping site to such a great place and let fear get the best of me. It got me to destroy a lot of what I worked so hard for.

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