weekend roundup: photography book signing and a rummage sale

This weekend, the one I planned for the past nine months to spend in Grant Park photographing Lollapalooza, was spent doing anything but shooting music in Grant Park.

On Friday, my friend Miles text me to see if I wanted to meet him and go to a book signing for his friend Brielle Collins. She travelled recently and published a book of images taken in Tel Aviv, Thailand and India.

I documented the experience just a little and will post pictures below.

I don’t own many books on photography, and I wasn’t in a position to spend the money to buy the book. I liked looking through its pages, and you can browse some of the images here.

What was inspirational about the book and the photographer was that this person spent a good amount of time traveling and her destinations were not posh resorts. There is a gritty reality to the images that comes through.

I love travel photography from other photographers, like Ming Thein, and I don’t feel Collins work is the kind that appeals to me as much. But I respected what she did and how she’s choosing to display it.

On Saturday and Sunday, Tina grouped up with our neighbor Dan and they housed a rummage sale on our front sidewalk. I helped with the manly man work of carrying some of the heavier stuff, but for the most part, I wanted this to be Tina’s project.

She and Dan had lots of fun, meeting all kinds of random neighbors.

One guy walked up with a 16 oz. open can of Miller Genuine Draft and brought a set of roller blades.

Another guy bought a long bench from Dan that wouldn’t fit in his car without removing a black plastic OPEN sign that lit up. He brought it over to Dan and said, “Do you wanna buy this from me? I just bought it …”

Dan said, “No thanks.”

So the guy just said, “Here, take it.”

Ten minutes later, a guy bought the OPEN sign for $10.

We sold some stuff that I never thought would sell, like an unworking 2nd generation iPod. Tina sold a photo of mine depicting a barn on the campus of where I went to college. It was in a damaged frame, and frankly, I hated it.

I was able to do a nice run and swim yesterday. And in the evening, we met up with Brothers in Law Michael and Jason and had sushi at our new favorite joint, Sakura Teppanyaki & Sushi. The service is mediocre at best, but the sushi is great, fresh and well presented.