test shooting: sport theme


Tomorrow morning, Tina and I are shooting a sports themed shoot somewhat inspired by these two images I took a couple years ago while doing street photography.

This girl didn’t have any idea, that I could tell, that I was shooting her.

Our model doesn’t have a lot of modeling experience, but she’s athletic, grew up as a gymnast and now is an running/workout enthusiast. We’re looking forward to playing around with different light and trying to come up with some fun ways to show off the city and our model’s athleticism.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for a teaser or two. 🙂


It’s Catordog!


On Saturday, I worked a regular day until 2. But I got fed up because it was gorgeous out and Tina and I needed to go enjoy part of the day.

Yesterday we were scheduled to be on location from 10 to 7, so we needed to enjoy life for a  bit.

We went for a walk with Talulah on leash. We did about an hour, Talulah peed once and pooped twice.

Nearby where she pooped the second time, I spotted this black cat napping near a curb. She had a collar on. I got myself as close as I could with my 40mm lens and snapped a couple pics while she gurgled and moaned in a way that only pissed off cats can.

On her collar, it read kitty. And a phone number. I don’t think I’m going to call her any time soon.