It’s Catordog!


On Saturday, I worked a regular day until 2. But I got fed up because it was gorgeous out and Tina and I needed to go enjoy part of the day.

Yesterday we were scheduled to be on location from 10 to 7, so we needed to enjoy life for a  bit.

We went for a walk with Talulah on leash. We did about an hour, Talulah peed once and pooped twice.

Nearby where she pooped the second time, I spotted this black cat napping near a curb. She had a collar on. I got myself as close as I could with my 40mm lens and snapped a couple pics while she gurgled and moaned in a way that only pissed off cats can.

On her collar, it read kitty. And a phone number. I don’t think I’m going to call her any time soon.




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