the surreality of winged flight


Since you’re a follower of this blog, you’ll typically get to see work in progress. I won’t post this on my pro site or any other social media until I wrap up editing of several other images that I’ll likely release closer together.

The images we shot earlier this week were meant to embrace a sort of surrealism. I wanted strong clean lines, to emphasize pretty beauty and airiness.

I didn’t know the cloud cover would be like this, and I never expected to get the birds behind this shot.

But it happened. And I love it.

I’m pushing the hell out of the highlights and whites of this image to create a sense of other worldliness.

For me, it works. It works really well. Click to enlarge.

Image shot on Hasselblad H3D-31, 80 mm, 1/500th (to overpower the sun), f/11, ISO 100.

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