Let me waggle my microphone dong in your face

This is an entertaining piece from Dr. Ray Comfort, the single-most knowledgeable scientist living in the world today.

His approach to excellence in journalism and proving science wrong is comparable to a POV porn video in which Comfort waggles his dark, microphone dong in interviewees’ faces while he towers above them is probably one of these most chauvinistic and egotistical shows of pompous bullshit I’ve seen today.

This effort is more than a metaphor. This is why Jay Leno and David Letterman sit slightly higher than their guests. They want to subliminally tell their audience who is in control, who is the real star and who needs a little deflating sometime in the interview.

Your dreams of “believing” in evolution will be dashed if you watch this video, so proceed with caution. It’s the debunking of all debunks.