The art and philosophy of making pizza

When I make pizzas, I don’t make one kind, pound my fist on the table and say, “This is what I’m serving. Eat, bitches. And enjoy it or I’ll smack you!”

Nooooo, I make a variety. Sometimes I roll out the dough smaller so I can make more and you can taste as many, or as few, as you want.

This is how I want you to enjoy a meal at my house. Everyone gets a slice of something they like. I cut as many small squares as possible so that you can sample as many different kinds as you can.

I make pizza for me. I love doing it. I love the process.

I cook, because it’s fast-form art. I go through the process for a day and get the reward within the day. It’s like digital photography. The rewards can be felt sooner than later. The accolades come faster.

That’s what he said. 

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