Where’s for dessert? Are you living in a food desert?

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 2.50.49 PM

A month or more ago, my buddy Aaron and his girlfriend Jackie were visiting. We decided we’d order a deep-dish pizza one night after a baseball game.

Apparently, we live in what Tina called, ” A deep-dish pizza desert.” We’re not delivery distance close to any of the big-time deep dish joints. None of us could drive to pick one up so we had to comb the area and make several calls before deciding on one place that we decided to try.

When I saw the above graphic for food deserts, it struck a chord. Gosh, imagine having a recipe and you just need one key ingredient. Tina and I can easily walk or ride a bike to a grocery store.

The graphic shows the average distance some people have to commute to go grocery shopping. You may have to click on the image to enlarge or go here to learn more about this phenomenon.

This map doesn’t show Alaska, which I’ve heard requires a long car ride and possibly a plane ride to reach a grocery store.

Imagine that.

Resource: Flowing Data Dot Com. 


You put the cunt in country

This morning, I was playing with the “You put the X in XY” game with a slight twist.

Some people might say, “You put the fun in dysfunctional” or “… the fun in funeral.”

But I like to add a bit more dimension to it.

Say things like, “You put the mediocre in ‘what a mediocre-sized pile of poop’.”

Or, “You put the bananas in, ‘you’re banana bat-shit crazy to the 10th power.”

Or, “You put the asshole in, “Thanks for being an asshole by taking my heartfelt apology and pointing all the blame back at me and telling me that I must be difficult to live with.”

It’s a fun game. You should try it some time.