You put the cunt in country

This morning, I was playing with the “You put the X in XY” game with a slight twist.

Some people might say, “You put the fun in dysfunctional” or “… the fun in funeral.”

But I like to add a bit more dimension to it.

Say things like, “You put the mediocre in ‘what a mediocre-sized pile of poop’.”

Or, “You put the bananas in, ‘you’re banana bat-shit crazy to the 10th power.”

Or, “You put the asshole in, “Thanks for being an asshole by taking my heartfelt apology and pointing all the blame back at me and telling me that I must be difficult to live with.”

It’s a fun game. You should try it some time.


2 thoughts on “You put the cunt in country

  1. Yes!

    I saw a game today where you exchange the word bacon for any word in a movie title.

    I found it much more fun than my game above.

    Like “Shawshank Bacon” and “My Big Fat Greek Bacon.”

    Wowzers. It’s a good time.

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