I watched a threesome last night, and it wasn’t on my computer screen

sexxy time

Last night, I took Lu dog out for her nightly pee, poop and to check her social network of odors.

I saw another dog owner as I was going up a little hill, and I started talking to him. He was laughing and he talked over me. “I can’t believe that they are over there having a fucking threesome.”

I looked over, and yes, there were three people near the cemetery wall, no more than 50 yards away from us. A guy was squatting against the wall and a woman was bobbing up and down in his lap. Standing in front of them was a guy getting a blow job.

The woman was naked. The two men were wearing their clothes.

I’m not positive, but I don’t think any of them were wearing protection. They didn’t seem to notice that people were onlooking. They were fucking horny, dammit. And nothing was going to stand in the way of their orgasms.


This makes the second time I’ve seen people having sex in the park out back. The first time, we had just moved in and a woman had her heals in the air, like she just didn’t care, her back was on a boulder-sized rock and a guy was pounding her … her sweet sweaty, VD-laden vagina.

Crack opens many doors to great possibilities.

Happy Friday.

And Happy Birthday Eve to me.