shooting film for the heck of it




I shot a roll of film over the weekend. It’s with a Nikon FM10, with a 24mm f2.8 lens.

I’m going to have to find another place to develop. I dropped these off at Walgreens. They scan them at a somewhat low resolution. And maybe I could have got prints and rescanned them.

The bottom image is of a woman who dropped her phone right about where she’s rolling that carriage.

I ended up taking the phone and waiting for someone to call it. Her daughter happened to call while I was out and I took it to her.

To which she gave me $20 — 20 whole smackers! — for doing what was right.

I refused, but she insisted.

It was fun to do and now I want to try again. I’m a little wonky with the focus, but when it’s on, it seems right.










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