it’s because Obama’s president and there’s no prayer in schools

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 3.33.21 PMAn Indian American is set to win the Miss America contest?

Has Donald Trump turned into a commie?

Show me a stinking birth certificate on this woman who is claiming to be born on US soil!


Check out this awesome display of American racism. It’s amazing.

By the way, if the head deity is in charge, if he is in complete control, why would you oppose his power of decision like that?



high as an amazingly beautiful kite


Yesterday, Tina and I produced the most amazing photo shoot that returned definitively the best work we’ve done to date.

Despite the rain and cooler weather, we achieved a look that is all the superlatives we should ever want, especially from a self-produced shoot.

We have a couple really busy days this week. But I wanted to offer this beautiful behind the scenes image of our talent getting makeup while getting shielded from the rain.