Finally, Ted Cruz says what we’re all thinking: affordable health care is Nazism.

Ted Cruz’s filibuster couldn’t have been more warmly received. He is, as we read this, surged in popularity among many righty-tighties.

His performance, yes performance, filibustering for 21 hours gave him the proper recognition that people like him deserve.

I’ve heard some pretty enthusiastic and exemplary Republicans who seem to get it. Cruz? He doesn’t.

Health care is tearing away your freedom, declares the guy in a suit that costs more than lots of Americans make in two months.



Is this really what you want your leadership to sound like?

The above video of Jon Stewart blasting Cruz is almost too easy. The material writes itself. Well, except for that Dr. Seuss reading at the end.

Great line:

So to express your opposition to Obamacare, you go to the book about a stubborn jerk who decides he hates something before he’s tried it, and when he finally gets a taste, he has to admit after he’s tasted it, ‘This is pretty fucking good.’

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