long-ass days


Yesterday, Tina and I worked from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. covering a job that we’ve done annually for three years.

The event is a symposium directed toward industry leaders who cater to the luxury home market, or the top 1% of the US and beyond in terms of financial success/income.

There are speakers from banks, consulting firms and marketing professionals. One woman works with Virgin Air and talked about the power of social media while another gentleman works with Nordstrom to advance a level of customer service that makes all other customer service efforts look like crap.

The key to social media, so it seems, is to use it to the best of its ability to promote your brand or ideas and then balance those efforts with face to face, or voice to voice interactions.

The information is invaluable, as who doesn’t want to attract high-end clients with budgets out the wahzoo?

The above picture is from a shoot the other night at the Field Museum, which is a lovely place to photograph.

Today, I’m playing catch up and upload. Tonight, I shoot KT Tunstall at Park West. Tomorrow, more catchup and then off to shoot a wedding this weekend.

Let’s run and gun together.


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