Why the Government Shutdown Is Unbiblical

Keep in mind, this editorial titled, “Why the Government Shutdown is Unbiblical” is published in an ungodly, liberal publication, HuffPo. I mean, what do they — those goddamned liberals — know about the true feelings of a mysterious and relatively unknowable deity?

What do liberals know about Jesus, his life and his teachings.

Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.


I find it interesting that evangelical conservatives claim to know the will of the deity, and that they are on the team that is most blessed with the knowledge of his spirit, and yet the cards are stacked against them.

If god is in control, complete, omnipresent control, then he — and he alone — is responsible for the Affordable Care Act, the government shut down and Obama’s presidency.

Criticizing any of it — from that perspective — is criticism against the all-powerful nature of he who is worshipped.

Or something.

Read the editorial here.

the world before me … at a 100%

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 9.40.58 AMHappy Friday!

Today is another long day of editing, motion and stills.

I started this edit of Lauren last night and I thought I’d do one of those shares where you see all my layers and it seems more special or something.

I’m working on a 30 second spot as well, and Tina’s sitting here beside me supervising and telling me where to put my mouse.

If you know what I mean.