Nice try, goofballs! god — should he exist — made wolves. human’s made dogs.

1236423_10201228298524014_996804982_nI think I’ve posted this before, but it’s a good reminder.

It says that God — if the myths are true — made dogs to do all kinds of amazing things.

“God said: I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs; yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind. Somebody who will spend all day on a couch, with a resting head and supportive eyes, to lift the spirits of a broken heart.”

That’s just not true. God made wolves. Human’s domesticated wolves and helped breed them to become their helpers.

The deity, in all his foresight, chose to make an animal that would murder a human in an instant over a hunger pang.

If this level of ignorance is so easily broadcast on the internets, imagine what else is getting overlooked.

Seen on facebook.

new species found! where have they been hiding?


Amazing that after day one of creation, it took this long to find such beauty.

Science, you crazy.


Many planthopper species exude waxy secretions from the abdomen, and these sometimes form long strands, such as can be seen in this photo. The long waxy strands may provide protection from predators – it could be that they fool a predator into attacking the wrong part of the insect, and the wax breaks off while the insect jumps to safety.


Coprophanaeus lancifer is the largest of all South American dung beetles. Despite its name, this species feeds more frequently on carrion than on dung. A highly unusual case in the Animal Kingdom, both males and females of this species possess a long horn on their head, which they use during intense battles with other individuals of the same sex. The vast difference in adult body size seen here is primarily determined by how much food was available to the developing larva. This species is capable of rapidly burying large animal carcasses, providing an important ecological service that sustains rain forest health.

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