It’s Catordog!


We met this handsome young guy at the bar last night. His name is Hilo. Pronounced hee-low, I don’t know if that’s obvious.

Hilo is a 10-month old pit rescue. We don’t know his mix. What do you think?

And by we were at the bar, I mean Lu-dog and me.

She loves it the bar, more than the dog park. We’ve been so busy that we haven’t been there in forever. Since we will be apart for a week, I thought I’d spoil her with a quick visit.

gear porn

photo copyWe’re off to NYC this morning to photograph a couple different trade shows.

One is in the city, and the other is in Baltimore on Wednesday and Thursday next week. Instead of coming back and leaving again, we’re staying out there and training down to Baltimore.

Tina and I love traveling, and having companies pay for it makes it a bit more fun.

Above is a shot of the gear I’ll be carrying on my back, including two DSLR bodies with four lenses. I had to take the Nikon film camera out. It wouldn’t fit. I have 116 GBs of CF cards. Gels for my flashes to match ambient light temperatures. Card readers, 12 AA batteries. Battery rechargers. Seven camera batteries. A backup hard drive. Bandaids. Monopod. Granola bars. Flash diffusion including a Gary Fong.

I usually don’t travel with my 70-200mm (the big white lens), but we have runways on this job, the long, NYC runways that I love … and I need to have it with me.

Otherwise, the film camera might fit. 🙂