Keep in mind, this stuff is planted in the media to make dumb people look stupid.



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Some restaurants protest the Affordable Care Act by cuttingemployees’ hours, while others post signs that compare it to slavery. “Obamacare, America’s punishment for slavery years,” read a sign outside of Smokin’ Joe’s Ribhouse in Rogers, Arkansas over the weekend. The owner of the restaurant, Johnny Howard, told 4029TV it was only up for about 45 minutes before it was removed “after getting several complaints from the public.”

45 minutes was long enough for a photo of the anti-Obamacare sign to be posted on Reddit, though, and to get Howard a story on the local news. He says, “I apologize for the sign. It’s offending people, as it did. I didn’t intend for it to be racist-oriented at all” and clarified his issue was with the Affordable Care Act, not Obama himself. The sign apparently now reads, “Why cook? Get some carry out.” Below, 4029TV investigates.