last night’s night cap


Last night, we stayed in a hotel called, “The Out,” which is not a reference to being in fashion where one day you’re in and the next, you’re out (thanks Heidi Klum).

It’s a reference to being out of the closet.

Check the above link, it’s a pretty sweet little hotel, whose decor is a throwback to motels. Many rooms face into a courtyard and they feature those fishbowl windows. Based on a few reviews we read online, we were a bit worried about noise coming from a club in the building.

I personally didn’t hear a peep. A HVAC unit or something rumbled non-stop near by and it bothered Tina. But other than that, it was a comfortable room with great amenities.

I ended up buying a half-pint of Maker’s Mark last night after dinner and had a tumbler before bed. The bedside tables were glowing white and I simply had to fire of a shot or two.

It’s nice to visit a place where all are welcome


On my morning commute to pickup coffee and breakfast, I passed by the Answers in Genesis billboard.

I had to get a shot!

This is a city of so much diversity. Rarely do you hear your native language spoken around you. Yesterday we rode in a cab with buddhas on the dash. The day before, there were hindu gods.

So which god is it, Answers in Genesis, that you’re thanking?

On the same billboard, it rotates to a Julia Sweeney ad for It reads “OMG, there is no god.”

I’m guessing it’s some kind of answer to Answers in Genesis.

Anybody have more info?