finally, all the fun of getting slobbery drunk without the consequences of the dreaded hangover!



Tina signed up for a service that delivers samples of different products.

Every so often, a box shows up in our common area addressed to Tina with several goodies inside, including nail polishes, tea, coffee, and some knickknacks.

The box that arrived yesterday included two packets of drinkwel, a multivitamin for people who drink. Apparently, there are consequences to drinking that this product promises to alleviate.

Or something.

Promises, promises!

Seems to me like another group is trying to capitalize on a very profitable woo market.

My skepticism stems from the American Heart Association’s recommendation to average a certain amount of alcohol per day (see this). So if “doctors” are behind a product that promotes drinking, perhaps there’s something amiss.

Mind you, I don’t always stick to the average. In fact, I’m a fan of being above average, if you know what I mean.

But that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant of the facts. That means I’m a willful dissenter. Or that this is a way cognitive dissonance gets the best of me.

It’s one thing to blindly walk through life. It’s another thing to recognize the faults and failures, openly and honestly.

Which I have found that many aren’t capable of.

In the meantime, read some of the reviews of this product on Amazon.

I’ll give the supplement a whirl and let you know how it goes. I’m expecting an enriched life experience with a superlative after-drinking experience to push me into the throes of blissful flowery, non-hangover greatness!