fuck cancer

04-V4LichXPhotographer Angelo Merendino met Jennifer.

Five months later, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Angelo decided to photograph the heck out of it.

The result is here. And, if you can take it, check it out.


“God’s Not Dead,” the comedy!

Growing up in the Yeshua Fog™, this entire trailer is a [spit, ding] image of the way we were taught.

Verbatim verboten.

This shit is how the believers view the post-high school experience.

It was fear the university and its atheist professors who will drag your faith through the mud and force you to disbelieve.

This can’t be further from the truth. An educated mind releases puny thought processes. That’s simple.

I went to a Christian college and still gave back faith.

My biggest regret is not getting a degree from a more reputable school. Looking back, I almost didn’t go back to college based on fears taught to us at a Christian high school.

This trailer represents the hyperbolic bullshit taught from inside the fear camp. It doesn’t happen like this. And losing one’s faith isn’t as easy as some professor telling you to deny god or gods.

It’s not a battle with others. It’s a battle with self.

Placing blame on external resources is scapegoating, something the bible is perfect at from early Jewish culture (e.g. Abraham, Isaac & the goat, Joseph, etc.) to Yeshua mounting a cross.

What this trailer misrepresents is that the masses go along with the professor, but the hero is the lone student who stands up for his beliefs.

It’s quite the opposite. There’s a shitload of pompous believing students who standup. Either they transfer to Liberty University or they soon figure out that education is the sun that burns off that early morning Yeshua Fog.