the inferiority and low expectations of disbelief

The “good” book says “[B]e transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

There’s lots written about how belief transforms you. It changes you. It makes you better than those dirty, filthy disbelieving assholes.

Aligning with Christ is a win for jamming a larger, wavier flag in the land of awesomeness.

I grew up in this faith tradition, and it perplexed me. As a believer, no matter how hard I tried to follow all of god’s precepts and all the things I was taught in school, church and home, It was always disappointing to keep waking up a regular human being with the same potential downfalls as I had the previous day.

There are no transformations. Belief doesn’t alter/improve your ability to stave off “sinful” behavior.

Just ask anyone who has failed and is begging for forgiveness. They’ll hide behind another set of verses and explain that just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I’m perfect.

But then believers claim to have a supernatural power on their side. They claim that there’s a power in the universe that will one day allow them to live forever. They claim this power created everything and intervenes in miraculous events. He sends angels when cars are crashing or steers the hand of science to give second, third and 80th chances.

He does it for some … but not others.

This whole “connection to the supreme being” generates a pompous/not-pompous attitude, and believers play dumb as to why people expect more of them than they can give.

I recently read this blog where one John Piper tells Christian parents that they better damn-well teach their kids to be obedient. They better not fail, because Christians should have perfect kids who shut up when told and stop kicking airplane seats stat when asked.

It’s as if somehow Christianity empowers parents in a way that disbelief cannot. It’s a claim that Christianity creates super parenting and super Children, and if you don’t have superchildren, you’re doing it wrong.

Why do I say this? Because of this line:

The defiance and laziness of unbelieving parents I can understand.

The “defiance” and “laziness” of unbelieving parents?

See, Christians are transformed from laziness and defiance. But disbelief causes parents, and nonbelievers in general, to be inferior.

That means believers are superior beings with a supernatural being on their side that should — but sometimes doesn’t — promote perfect behaviors.

John Piper and people like him are why I retired religion. Perfection is unattainable. Unreachable. And anyone who tells you that you can reach a higher state of being through the supernatural powers called out of heaven are full of shit.


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