Finally! study shows that toddlers are worse than terrorists!

toddler (Photo credit: fionnaigh)



From this article:


Should the Feds put cameras in every house to make sure toddlers aren’t going to kill their playmates? Such absurd questions are raised by a study that says toddlers killed more Americans than terrorists in 2013.

In the first part of this year, 11 people were killed by children aged three to six years old — more than the four people killed at the Boston Marathon bombing. Here’s the list via Stacie Borrello, and let it be said that each one of these cases is an unfathomably horrific tragedy.

Jan. 10: 6-year-old playmate shoots and kills 4-year-old Trinity Ross, Kansas City, Kan.


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It’s Tuesday. How about some distractions?


Today I’m working on 12 corporate head shots very similar to the one above. If you tell yourself, I’ve seen that background before on Jeremy’s shots, it’s because the company we’re working for wants that background.

And companies get what companies want.

For the most part, anyway.

Since we’re talking about photography, I thought I would recommend a couple of links about photography that might distract you, entertain you, or educate you.

Ming Thein wrote this piece that is insightful: Photography and psychology, part one: it’s all a mind game. I would like to use it as an inspiration for how I view it.

If you’ve ever wondered how to shoot manually on a camera, check this tool out from Canon. It’s a great introduction to shooting manual.

And just for some fashion inspiration, here’s a link for Jamie Beck’s blog: Ann Street Studio. 


The real question is how many of you have done something *he* told you NOT to do


This article explores the percentages of people who claim to have done something because God told them to do it.

We all know that certain people have a direct link to the voice of the almighty and it’s heard via internal god-only ears. Seriously.

A snippet:

While many of us figured the whole “God coming to hang out and chat” thing sort of petered out after the Old Testament, a recent study from YouGov has found that 38% of Americans believe that God has spoken to them and told them to do things. Also, more than half of us believe God controls the weather and natural disasters. Specifically thunder, as that is when he/she goes bowling.

I have to confess, I’m a bit curious. I don’t just want to know that 38% of people think God is giving them instructions. I want to know what those instructions are. Like, is it just things like “Wear red socks today, Jim!” or is it like “Kill your neighbor’s dog, Jim!” I feel like that’s kind of an important distinction as far as these things go. I mean, there are a whole lot of people out there who have been instructed by God to kill. There’s Abraham, Saul, and this lady who bashed her kids skulls in with rocks back in 2004.

On the other hand, it’s more interesting to me that believers do what God told them not to do, like pray in public, go out of their way to help the poor, give the shirt off their backs, forgive indefinitely, not to judge, etc. etc.

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