Petursey has a photography web site!


Regular-reading Petursey has opened up a virtual storefront promoting his photography business, and you should go check it out.

It’s here.

We’re friends on Facebook, and he’s been posting a photo of the day lately. Which is inspiring.

Some of the best advice you ever read/hear from photographers is to practice, practice, practice and then practice some more.

Take a look at the site and the facebook, and be inspired to start your own thing, in whatever art you find compelling and fun for you.



5 thoughts on “Petursey has a photography web site!

    1. My pleasure!

      I wish you lived closer and we could collaborate/brainstorm and do post processing workshops. There’s always something to learn from other photographers.

    1. You social media devil you.


      I don’t even have it setup on most of my computers. But I’m in. Love to know about your action scripts.

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