Yawn. Jesus and Lucifer shared a name

Back in the heyday of my faith, I remember coming across references to Satan as Morning Star and Jesus as Morning Star.

It was a sort of ah-ha moment of, “Clearly there’s something wrong with the bible.” When I asked other believers about it, I remember the response was, “No, no, you’re reading that out of context.

It was more of a sweep my inquiry under the rug thing. Clearly my question had validity.

Later when I was studying biblical translations, the topic came up again and I was able to see how biblical translations are confused and confusing. When you lay it out all, many believers will show you the bible’s cohesion. They can show you, I can still show you, how Genesis makes sense in the context of Jesus and revelation, even.

So when I read this blog post about Jesus and Lucifer sharing a name, I yawned a little. But then I thought, well, maybe you’d like to read it.

Tah-dah, here’s your chance to read about it.

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