Comedians Driving in Cars Getting Coffee

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.55.56 AMWhat feels like ions ago, I saw someone post one of these videos from Jerry Seinfeld called, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” 

At the time, I feel I was too busy to care.

Yesterday, someone posted one and Tina and I spent 2 hours going through several episodes. And we’re glad we did.

They are funny. Interesting. Informative. Entertaining. I would watch the series for the cars alone.

For instance, in the Chris Rock episode, Jerry drives a Lamborghini Miura, can’t remember the year. But it is stunning.

In the David Letterman episode, he drives a Volvo stationwagon outfitted with a Mustang engine.

In the Larry David episode, it’s a Volkswagen Beetle with little orange arms that pop out as turn indicators.

My favorite episodes that we watched were Sarah Silverman, whom I have a crush on the size of a rock hard, erhm, well, you know. I also recommend David Letterman and Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin is way funnier in person than I would have imagined. And there’s a scene in David Letterman in which Jerry and he are getting out of the car to go into the coffee shop, when two strangers pass behind them. Jerry then David riff with them and it’s very funny.

They are well photographed and edited using natural light and simple techniques. Love it.

Go check it out.




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