What kind of megachurch?

The atheist movement, in my mind, was waning if not dying.

I’m not saying that atheists are growing fewer. I’m saying that the atheist movement as heralded and led by the four horsemen seemed to be in decline, thanks to lots of infighting and disagreement on different topics.

But apparently, the atheist movement is thriving and building up atheist megachurches.


Foul. Foul. Foul.

I get that people want to join likeminded people and give each other verbal reach arounds, but in megachurch-style spaces?

Non-belief overtook the Internet. Isn’t that mega enough, atheists?

Read about it here.


2 thoughts on “What kind of megachurch?

    1. This sums up perfectly how completely lost John Barron is:

      I find it odd that Atheists would congregate for the purpose of celebrating something that doesn’t exist: atheism.

      He who makes the mistake of “God doesn’t exist” for “atheism doesn’t exist” is a man who hasn’t a foundation for discussion.

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