Detailed first-hand account of the Philippine typhoon


Here’s the conclusion of a travel blogger and photographer named “Junglebelle” of her experience:

The island’s airport is expected to be closed for the next week. The signal tower is down and there are trees and debris on the runway. The coast guard is saying no boats will be allowed out for a week either. So I guess we’ll be here for a while. Our hotel is buzzing with frustrated and angry and probably scared stranded tourists. Trying to keep calm is not made easier when people around you are panicking or getting angry. Navy ships are trying to get through to all the islands though to bring food and supplies and the local tourism association is doing its best to help organise stranded tourists. 

It’s funny, when you’re in the typhoon you don’t think beyond it. Now that it’s past, the reality of the situation becomes clearer and you realise that getting through the typhoon is only just the start. I think today will be a tough day, but I know we’ll get there, it’ll just be slow progress.

You can read the whole thing here.

She refers to the typhoon as Yolanda, which apparently is what the locals were calling it. I had not heard that before.



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