“Heaven is Real” and “Noah”, two new amazing documentaries coming to a theater near you.

Above is a documentary film about how a little boy had a Near Death Experience and lived to tell about it. Everything in this movie is a fact and it all happened. It was by no means conflated or embellished by his family or, namely his father, who happens to be Greg Kinnear.

Great things happen to Hollywood’s A-list.

It was great that they had cameras there to document everything there and at the below trailer for another documentary about the event that reminds us all that humanity is the result of a hateful calamity followed by the wildest incestuous relations known to the world.

In the story of Noah, the all powerful creator of the universe is so frustrated by evil of his creation, that he destroys everyone. Everyone except Noah, his wife and their kids.

It’s amazing how great Noah looks as a 500 years old. He kinda looks a little like Russell Crowe. But damn, for living in a time without plastic surgery or modern medicine, or walkers, the dude gets around quite easily.

And his children! Wow. Could you imagine having the looks of teenagers at the ages of around 475? Lucky genetics, if you ask me.

You have to keep in mind, this was the time of real miracles, so 475 year olds having children is completely possible. Then those children bred with their cousins. Then a few thousand years later, you popped out of your cousin’s mom’s uncle’s vagina scott free (I hope) of any ailments that are usually associated with in-breeding.

Lucky you.

Doesn’t it feel good that the providential arm that destroyed disbelievers  through a flood vowed/promised/committed never to do it again. Only he had his deity fingers crossed. The next time he destroys disbelievers will be with FIRE!

It’s as if Providence has a love hate relationship with knowledge and education … and rainbows, if you know what I mean.

Oh the soothing touch of a being so bent on destroying disbelief. It’s so much fun to worship!

More on the documentary, or should I write “Docu-drama” here.

Wow yourself with the trailer here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.45.16 AM



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