I appreciated this peaceful opinion piece on Billy Graham

Though it will have no real influence, in this opinion piece by Brandon Robertson, he writes:

It is my prayer that we as Christians in this great nation would rise up and say “No more” to the politicization of the Gospel. To say “no more” to both those on the right and the left who use the name of Jesus to rally votes. To say “no more” to those who would use religious platforms and callings to endorse candidates. To truly be the people of Good News, people who live in this world but are not of this world. May we refuse to listen to or support those who would vandalize the name of this dear saint (or any other) to endorse or promote anything other than what Rev. Graham gave his life to- the unashamed proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. And as I said in a post about Dr. Graham nearly a year ago, “I pray that as we all continue on this process of rethinking, reforming, and renewing our faith that we will become more focused on changing the world through the power of the love of Jesus Christ instead of relying on our flawed two party system in the US to effect change that the Church has been called to do.” That alone is our only hope. –

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