publicity one sheet for the short film i’m working on

dear_dairy_one_sheet_jwffRemember that short film I told you about? Here I posted some on-set stills.

Here’s what I came up with for the publicity one-sheet.

The movie is called, “Dear Dairy.” Dairy because when the writer was little, she misspelled “Dairy” and the misspelling stuck with her through adulthood.

The original story’s writer chronicled her sexuality that appeared to start an an early age. Something other kids grow into somewhat later. Much like the stereotypical man, the writer imagines having sex with strangers, uncontrollably. This also started early.

I can’t wait until Christmas when I air this for my parents, sister, grandfather, brother and sister-in-law. I might have to PG-afy it, because it’s so laden with R-rated language that some family members’ heads may explode.

Stand by for a YouTube video of my opening credits that I designed and animated.


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