Humanism, for the win

Tina sent me this video the other day of Angelina Jolie receiving an honorary Academy Award and we watched it together. We both were teared up by the end. This was Tina’s second viewing.

This sums up our views very quickly and easily. Travel opened our eyes to the world. The world is SOOOO much bigger than this little country rife with the strongest limited views ever.

And for you to win the lottery of the life you live in contrast to, say, the women who suffered through the Philippine typhoon, only to find yourself getting raped (stories here and here) by the crazy aftermath of the storm, the screaming of your mind telling you to alter your views should be deafening.

What makes so many people think they are somehow better because they were born in a tradition that places them as heaven-bound over the zillions of others who think they’re heaven bound should stagger/change/alter/open anyone’s viewpoint.

But yet it doesn’t.


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