thanksgiving at le café witteveen


Our Thanksgiving was an intimate celebration with Tina’s brother Michael, his partner Jason and their friend Sasha.

I 24-hour brined a turkey in a salt-water immersion with mixed ingredients that I found in several different recipes, including salt, soy sauce, rosemary, lemon zest, and bacon fat.

Just kidding. I didn’t use bacon fat.

I oven roasted our bird for 3 hours and it was hands down the juiciest turkey I’ve ever had. One trick was the 24-hour brine. Another trick was cooking it upside down for one hour. Another was removing it when it was 5 degrees from finished. And finally, letting it rest for over 30 minutes. I didn’t carve it for about an hour.

Resting is essential for ALL cooked meat. But I never realized that you should let a turkey (or chicken) rest for that long.

An hour later, the bird was still piping hot when I cut into it. All the recipes I found said that the brine wouldn’t make the meat more salty, but it tasted a bit salty to me. I blamed the soy sauce, and probably wouldn’t use that again.

I also made mashed sweet potatoes.

Tina made pecan bars that were to die for.

Michael made two pizzas, a thanksgiving tradition. He also made garlicky fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts and an amazing kale salad with a myriad of fresh berries and almonds.

Our guest brought to pumpkin pies, two cans of whipped cream and two containers of strawberries.

We had a great time. Sasha is a hilarious person with crass proclivities that I wish more people had. For instance, she made the lock screen on her mom’s iphone a closeup of a man’s penis and balls.

My camera lens of choice this holiday was a 50mm 1.4 set at 1.4 between ISOs 100-200.

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