You can perfume a turd: TIME Names Pope Francis Person Of The Year

Despite the Catholic Church being mired in anti-gay and pro-pedophile bullshit over the past however long, TIME Names Pope Francis Person Of The Year.

Good job, Time. You’ve shown us that perfuming a turd is completely possible.



3 thoughts on “You can perfume a turd: TIME Names Pope Francis Person Of The Year

  1. Judging Pope Francis solely because he is Catholic is like saying every man is a rapist just because he’s a man.
    There are turds in every religion, non-religion (such as Atheism) and life in general…face it, we can all be turds sometimes, it’s human nature, especially concerning our beliefs or lack thereof. But in my opinion, some people are definitely bigger turds than others. Now, if anyone wants to sit back on their john and strain out a grunt in my direction go ahead…I’m used to it, lol!

    1. When you align with the Catholic church, you align with its shitty-ness, no matter how hard you try not to or paint ideologies of unconnected greatness.

      The church is lost, and while Pope Francis is doing great for its constituents, the church is so far bankrupt of authority for morality that you have to be a gullible turd to receive him or the church with any warmth.

  2. I believe there are good and bad people in every Religion. There are good/bad people everywhere, period.
    The main problem in the world is the lack of morals, conscience, compassion, treating others how we want to be treated, etc. If everyone had these qualities I truly believe everyone would get along. As long as there is Greed, Lust, Hate and hunger for power nothing will change.
    We can discern but we aren’t supposed to judge which is often very hard ‘not’ to do, especially when you’re being attacked, slandered, etc. The flesh tends to want what it wants…We are inherently a people of weak wills…selfish in nature.

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