a simple before and after



Here’s a simple before and after that I thought was interesting.

I do this kind of thing a lot before delivering even the simplest of photos. Mind you, I’m not claiming this is some masterful work. It’s a image that people would breeze over anyway.

But the point is that there is a napkin in the original that just looks awful. There’s another napkin in the lower left that I was okay with.

The work is basically a quick clone stamp of the napkin as well as some airbrushing. Then I airbrushed back what looks like the base of the glass.

Thought you’d like to see.


the all-mighty power of photography

Take a moment, if you will, to watch this.


20 cancer patients participated in a unique makeover experience.
They were invited to a studio. Their hair and makeup were completely redone.

During the transformation, they were asked to keep their eyes shut.
A photographer then immortalized the moment they opened their eyes.

This discovery allowed them to forget their illness, IF ONLY FOR A SECOND.