The war on which political ideology is CRAZIER!!!

You may have heard of the War on Christmas that has been waging from the airwaves of FOX News for the last handful of years.

There is a War on Christmas, because FOX told us so.

What you may not know — but you probably do — is there is a War on which Political Ideology is CRAZIER!!! There’s no mistaking that this is a universally recognized war, stemming from the networks, both liberal and conservative.

If it weren’t for the networks, you’d know very little about this superfluous war with a shit-ton more casualties than Vietnam or WWI, II or Pol Pot’s genocidal tendencies.

The casualties aren’t typical blood and guts killings. It’s more or less the rift it drives between family members and friends. A bomb goes off on Twitter. Napalm is dropped on Facebook. All of these stupid fucking arms come from ideas that belong nowhere near your loved ones of oppositional views and vice versa.

I don’t watch the CNNs, the FOXes or the MSNBCs, because knowing people who do causes enough rift for the rest of us. Those “NEWS” organizations do more to wage war between otherwise reasonable people who usually get along than any other resource.

It’s time to turn all of them off. It’s time to unify. It’s time to live in something that resembles harmony again.

Stop feeding the frenzy that your political opposition is crazier than you are. Because when the news organizations are roped into any peaceful scenario, blood will be shed and heads will roll.

Otherwise, this war will not end and the casualties will continue to rise.



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