With life-threatening bewilderment, I post this: Craig Mod says “GOODBYE, CAMERAS”

Over at the New Yorker, Craig Mod writes what we all know will likely eventually happen, cameras — stand alone devices that capture only photos and video — are going to go extinct.

They will be replaced by phones.

And then my job is going to be at McDonald’s cooking french fries.

Just like so many industries destroyed by innovations and technology, photography’s future is in peril. Photography in the way that I know it anyway; a method of making income.

Here’s the story.

Here’s a snip:

After two and a half years, the GF1 was replaced by the slightly improved Panasonic GX1, which I brought on the six-day Kumano Kodo hike in October. During the trip, I alternated between shooting with it and an iPhone 5. After importing the results into Lightroom, Adobe’s photo-development software, it was difficult to distinguish the GX1’s photos from the iPhone 5’s. (That’s not even the latest iPhone; Austin Mann’s superlative results make it clear that the iPhone 5S operates on an even higher level.) Of course, zooming in and poking around the photos revealed differences: the iPhone 5 doesn’t capture as much highlight detail as the GX1, or handle low light as well, or withstand intense editing, such as drastic changes in exposure. But it seems clear that in a couple of years, with an iPhone 6S in our pockets, it will be nearly impossible to justify taking a dedicated camera on trips like the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage.

Over at Kottke, where I found the article, he writes:

The best camera is the one you have with you the one with built-in posting to Facebook.


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