Saying goodbye to Talulah’s boyfriend TiVo


We had to say goodbye to Talulah’s boyfriend TiVo today.

We’ll miss his stride, his coolness, his ability to get in the photo, and his farts. Damn, we’ll miss his farts.

Sleep well, TiVo. We’ll miss you, buddy.

Our best to Bill and Mer during this time.


Ah normalcy: men who dress like dolls

1389109664379.cachedFrom this article at The Daily Beast:

When 70-year-old Robert looks in the mirror, which he does often when dolled up, he sees a beautiful blond woman, voluptuous in her yellow halter dress and chunky heels. Her name is Sherry and she passes the time taking selfies in the courtyard of her Orange County mansion and floating topless in the macaroni-shaped pool.

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My newest jam

M.I.A. – “Bring The Noize” (Official Video)

This one has been on top of my personal list for a while now … but I just now found the music video. This version of the song is better than the one on the album.