Lalochezia in action


Last night, I stayed home and worked on some photos while Tina spent our weekly visit with her brother and his partner by her lonesome.

When she got home, she called me in tears, because someone had parked in our alley and blocked much of the passageway into our parking area.

If you’ve seen our parking spot, you’ll know that it’s very difficult to park in when there’s no cars blocking.

There are six units in our building and we have neighbors who often park in our spot, something we don’t like, but can’t do much about.

We had no idea what asshole parked in our extra spot. So after Tina Austin Powered her way into our teeny spot, I grabbed a pad of paper and angrily wrote the above note and stuck it on this person’s car.

Late last night, we got an email from our neighbor who must have hosted the driver of this vehicle and he wrote:

A guest of mine received this rather nasty note on her car as it was parked out back somewhat blocking the lot entrance.  I’m assuming it was someone from our building as I don’t see why anyone else would care.   Had I realized she was parked like this I would have asked to her to move her car.  I wish someone would have called or stopped by or something to let me know.  So I apologize, but I really didn’t think it was necessary to referr to my friend as a gigantic asshole etc.  I would have hoped for a little understanding that with all the snow, parking is a bit challenging lately…

I may have brought a level of melodramatic assholery to the situation, but this indignation was well worth it. When you have to deal with my wife, in tears, trying to maneuver her way into our shitty spot, I get protective.

Did you know that Lalochezia is “The use of vulgar or foul language to relieve stress or pain.”

Well, now you do.

This, dear readers, was Lalochezia in action.

And despite that my neighbor is dumbfounded by its expression, how much do you wanna bet that no one parks like a douchebag outside our gate for a LONG time.


2 thoughts on “Lalochezia in action

  1. Hiya! Long time, no see!

    Srsly, what an appalling display of denial and misdirection – tone troll!

    The neighbor – via their guest – was in the wrong and is angry that someone called them on their shit. It’s that whole “If I step on your foot and you yell at me to get off of your foot, then the proper action is for me to GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR FOOT, not whine that you’re yelling at me to get off your foot.” (

    In this case, whining about your lalochezia and trying to justify their actions (blocking your itty bitty parking lot cuz snow and stuff) was bullshit. Proper response: Apologize for letting a non-resident block the parking lot and move the car.

  2. I laughed my bitty ass off when I read your comment … back millions of years ago already, and now i feel all douche-y for allowing this much time to pass before response.

    Thanks for the support … that’s exactly what I was sort of hoping for.

    People get offended by language they feel is offensive instead of recognizing that the offense was the initial issue.

    And you … you … gosh I miss the olden days when I had more time for blogging and more time to keep up with you!

    Hope you’re well.

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