A “new” idea about the origins of life


In article at Simons Foundation dot org, Natalie Wolchover wrote an article called, “A New Physics Theory of Life.”

It covers a story about an MIT student, one Jeremy England, who seems to have some grand ideas about life’s origins from a physics perspective.

Wolchover spends a lot of time in the lead discussing the idea that this article doesn’t change or dismiss Darwin’s theory of evolution, something most educated people wouldn’t assume off the bat unless explained otherwise.

So it starts slow. I imagine it’s for the loads of people who might misunderstand evolution as a theory of life origins.

Anyway, now my post is starting slow.

Go check out the article. It’s a good read.

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2 thoughts on “A “new” idea about the origins of life

  1. If life can be formed by continually putting energy into a system then Mercury & Venus should have more life on it than the earth. Life is specifically water based, or at least where things can be water like. We get a scum boundary from water. Thermodynamically there will be pressure to transfer the heat through the less thermally conductive scum boundary . This will promote chemical reactions that transfer the heat through the scum boundary. Eventually scum boundary will become cell membranes and the chemical reactions then become cellular mechanisms that seek their own energy input like feeding on available chemically stored energy.

    1. Did you read the article? What are your credentials? Who are you? What size diaper do you wear?

      All of your concerns and ideas should be addressed to Jeremy England and his friends.

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