Leica Fan Fiction: “I leica my leica™”


The other day I setup table top lighting for a food shot.

No wait. I set it up to photograph a video camera that we’re selling.

But with it setup during dinnertime, I photographed our dinner plates. You may have seen it here.

I shot it with a Hasselblad H3D-31 with an 80mm lens. I’d love to have a macro for things like this, but the pixels to push in are available so I resort to this.

Lighting is a strobe through a large silk diffusion (camera left and behind the subject) with a white reflector front (camera right and in front of the subject).

I ended up shooting Tina’s new camera a few different ways, but I’m kinda proud of this shot (above). It’s five photographs with five different focuses, stacked and auto-blended using Photoshop.

I knew I wanted my depth of field to drop off behind the camera (see the strap, but I wanted the front of the lens while open to be in focus back to the Leica logo on the top right of the front of the camera.

Once blended, I did a series of other touchups, dodging and burning, color selection and enhancement, etc.

I’m not a product shooter, but I love quality images. I feel like no matter what the subject matter is, I should be able to treat it like a portrait … whether a human face, the façade of a space or the face of a camera.






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