random thoughts by, well, me

At the gym, every time you sit on a weightlifting machine, ostensibly it shows the settings for the person who last used it.

I don’t know about you, but — after finishing on one machine — I do the occasional, place the pin into a little heavier level of weight as to avoid the embarrassment of how flipping weak I am. 

Yesterday at the gym, I got the feeling that the person who used the machine was either the strongest, shortest person alive. Or maybe, just maybe their mission was to fool everyone who followed them to think that the strongest person at the gym preceded them.

I knew this person was short, because the seat was always on a position of 1 or 2. I sit at 5 or 6, and tall people sit at 9 or 10.

My prejudice assumes that a woman was the previous workout person when it’s seated at the 1s or 2s. But the level of weights being so high either meant that woman was the hulk, that the short man sitting there was the hulk, or maybe, just maybe, the person completed their reps, then took the pin out and plunged it into something a lot more impressive.

I made a joke in my mind that the person was treating the machines like old video games. Their signature was the height of the seat. Their high score was the amount of weight, closest to the floor. That’s where all the best weight lifters land.

Or maybe, it’s the gym’s management acting as some kind of influence to get its membership to increase their weight.


Another thought I had was last night during the State of the Union Address. The president did okay. I watched it completely absent of commentary, because all that shit the news networks throw in is inane.

It all sounded like loads of pipe dreams.

There were many moments that made me stop and think, but one in particular was the discussion of women’s wages, equality in the marketplace, etc.

All President Obama said was, essentially, women should have equal pay. They should have the right to care for a sick child or a sick loved one. And men should have the same rights. Cut to the wide shot showing who is clapping, who is standing and who is sitting down, and low and behold, almost all the goddamn Republicans are sitting there, not clapping.

Okay, I’d get it if the president talked about abortion or gay rights. But women’s rights to equal pay? That’s worthy enough an issue to give the old, “Fuck you, POTUS. We’re sitting here, arms crossed, with sourpuss faces!”


And the Republican party wonders why it has trouble wooing women into its fold?

Women’s rights is not rocket science.

And any woman who stands up (or keeps sitting) for the principles of the conservative movement is, well, seriously, that beats the hell out of me. What kind of woman are you when you don’t want equality, to be treated fairly and equally.

But for the guy who lost his faculties, his regular life, as a result of a roadside bomb in war … he gets a universal standing ovation.

War is better than woman.

Violence is more important than women in the marketplace.

Murder is wrong as abortion, but dandy when the kids are in their late teens/early twenties.

Okay. That’s it. Enough of these so-called random thoughts.

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