From the entrepreneur playbook … schedule your workouts!

Mike Figliuolo was 43 when he suffered a heart attack.

It seems he concentrated too much on making money and not investing in his health. And that’s what it is, a fucking investment.

You want to see your wrinkles get wrinklier or do you want to stare at your eyelids for eternity? Then get your ass out of your work chair and work out!

Mike writes:

I’m 43 and I’ve skipped annual physicals for years because “I feel fine.” I’m not unhealthy, but I haven’t always made my physical well-being a top priority since leaving the Army for the private sector. For years, I justified the drive-thru burgers and lack of exercise by saying, “I’m too busy to eat right.” Or “there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to work out, too.”

Then I had a heart attack. Now I have a couple of stents in my right coronary artery, and a newfound sense of responsibility. I have to take care of myself. This is not a game; this is life or death.


4. Put as much energy into running your body as you do your business

The parallels are clear. You put a great deal of time, thought, and energy into running your organization and leading your team. Why wouldn’t you dedicate similar effort to taking care of yourself? The upside is tremendous and the downside of neglecting your health is, well, death.

If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re letting down your team, your organization, and your family. Get started today.

Mike’s advice is exactly what Tina and I do. We write in our calendars when we’re working out.

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