HBO Documentary: Questioning Darwin

Above are clips from a new HBO Documentary called “Questioning Darwin.”

You can watch it and make your own mind. Or you can let this person guide your flimsy thoughts:

That the conflict here is about curiosity vs. incuriosity is incredibly important, because I think a lot of rationalists tend to fall into thinking creationists are just dumbasses. What I really liked about the documentary was that it didn’t hesitate to show how creationists can be articulate and actually quite persuasive, if you accept their premises. Indeed, a lot of them talked at length about how their belief in a loving god who specifically created the universe for them is fundamentally incompatible with evolutionary theory (and other scientific theories based in astronomy, physics, and geology that demonstrate that the universe and our planet are very, very old—Ken Ham at one point tries to argue down the idea that light from stars is millions of years old when it gets to us), and you know what? I found that argument persuasive. Certainly more persuasive than the typical attempt to reconcile the obvious fact that evolution is true with the desire to believe in a loving god, which is usually some variation of, “Well, God created the universe through evolution.” To believe that, the creationists point out, you have to believe their god is a complete and utter moron, that he spent billions of years spinning out galaxies and stars and let the Earth lay dormant for billions of years before sparking a single-celled life into being and then spending the next billion years carefully guiding evolution until finally he got what he wanted: A human civilization that is literally only a few thousand years old. If you’ve ever been to a museum where they put a piece of paper on top of a rock formation to show how insignificant we are in terms of time—or if you’ve ever pondered how tiny our planet is in the great expanse of space—then this is beyond idiotic. It’s like taking multiple generations of people tending an oven to make a cupcake.

The problem creationists have is similar to the problem that troubled Darwin, in other words: On one hand, you have the evidence. On the other hand, you have this need to believe that a god created the universe just for us. These two things do not work together.

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Rupert Murdoch lifts a single finger salute to all FOX News audience members


Sean Hannity wants to get the fuck out of dodge — supposedly — and abandon NY for hatin’ on him.

But not Mr. Rupert Murdoch. Word on the street is that he just plopped $57.25 Million on a 10,000 square feet, four-story penthouse on New York’s upper east side.

And that shithead, he’s worth every square inch of it, because he’s living the American dream … or something.

All those NYers living in closet-sized apartments should feel happy that they can bolster Murdoch upon their collective shoulders.

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REBLOG: 1200 Calories

This article (reblogged below), despite its verbosity, is a good one.

I haven’t heard anyone say the 1200 calorie rule to women in a while. Tina and I count calories occasionally, and we manage to find more calories when we burn some from working out, which is absent (I think) from the original article.

For a TL;DR: Women who try to diet under the 1200 calorie “rule” will be sorely disappointed to discover that they’ll never achieve a beautifully “toned” body. Instead, consider a weight lifting regimen supposedly for men.

It’s validation for Tina on a couple levels. We’ve been eating more foods rich in vitamins and minerals. And she’s been taking a weight-lifting class twice a week. She feels invigorated and healthy, and wishes she would have learned about this kind of lifestyle years ago.