REBLOG: 1200 Calories

This article (reblogged below), despite its verbosity, is a good one.

I haven’t heard anyone say the 1200 calorie rule to women in a while. Tina and I count calories occasionally, and we manage to find more calories when we burn some from working out, which is absent (I think) from the original article.

For a TL;DR: Women who try to diet under the 1200 calorie “rule” will be sorely disappointed to discover that they’ll never achieve a beautifully “toned” body. Instead, consider a weight lifting regimen supposedly for men.

It’s validation for Tina on a couple levels. We’ve been eating more foods rich in vitamins and minerals. And she’s been taking a weight-lifting class twice a week. She feels invigorated and healthy, and wishes she would have learned about this kind of lifestyle years ago.


I don’t know why “1200” managed to be the magic number of calories women should consume if they want to lose weight.

I don’t even know how I know of this number. Only that I know it, and my friends know it, and my mom knows it. Somehow, somewhere along the road, I was taught that if I want to have a flat stomach and tight tushy, I need to limit my calories to 1200 a day and do cardio. I don’t know how it got in to all of our collective brains, but somehow it did (if any ladies remember how or when they first heard the 1200-calorie rule-of-thumb for losing weight, please let me know via comment box).

What I do know is that 1200 is the general number of calories health professionals say women cannot drop below without suffering negative health consequences.

Interesting, isn’t it? 1200 calories. The…

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